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Bix Weir on The Occupy Oakland protest

A Tale of Two Protests
Bix Weir
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I can't tell you how many people have emailed me asking how I can participate in such a violent anarchist event as the Occupy Oakland Protest. They send me videos showing people in black hoods and outfits attacking buildings and people burning trashcans and causing mayhem.
This was NOT what I experienced AT ALL!
But it is amazing how the mainstream media is portraying the protest! It is being showed around the world as a violent, out of control movement.
I was there! I was marching with little old ladies, kids, school teachers and veterans. There were bands playing while we marched, balloons and chants of liberty, peace and harmony.
Here's a few snapshots the mainstream media won't show...all they want to show is the VIOLENT SPIN!

And they try to tell the world that it's just a couple hundred "anarchists" and losers...NOT TRUE! There were 7,000 honest, law abiding citizens!


Here's some video of the protest you won't see on the mainstream media...
This article by TIME is more representative...
"As promised, the Occupy Oakland movement on Wednesday spilled from its home base in front of city hall, halting street traffic and blocking access to banks and businesses that defied its calls for a general strike. The mood was for the most part festive, full of homegrown pride for a hard-luck city enjoying a rare moment in the global spotlight. Concerts and prayer sessions, free barbecue and ice cream were among the offerings to a motley mix of protesters. Cannabis smoke was widespread. And of course, there were a lot of speeches: in the main amphitheater, on top of trucks, in the middle of the street. The "Day of Mass Action" culminated with a shutdown of the port, where as many as 7,000 people gathered peacefully to stop trucks in their tracks -- before things took a violent turn overnight for the second week in a row, with police using teargas after midnight, when a group of anarchists attempted to hijack the final hours of the protest."
Watch these 2 videos and you will start to put together that there are dark forces trying to change the focus of these protest...
G20 Violence (watch Black Hoods and shoes)
Oakland Violence (watch Black Hoods and shoes)
The worst thing in the world for the Bad Guys is to have the people RISE UP in a peaceful protest against them. There is no doubt in my mind that these "People in Black" were sent there to create the negative spin and destroy the movement.
As many of you know Clif High has been begging us NOT to fall for the violent spin that the "Powers That Be" will try to put on the sheeple as they WAKE UP. It plays right into the hand of the "Bad Guys". By putting a violent, anarchist slant on protesting the banksters they can maintain control.
The Battles in our fight are INTENSE and being played out in the street, in the markets and in the media.
Stay strong my friends.
May the Road you choose be the RIGHT Road!
Bix Weir

clif's new article...Barycenter at risk.....

YU-55 asteroid fly by at 201,700 miles from earth is within the earth-moon system and places our earth-moon barycenter (of orbit) at risk. This is the reason that the entrenched elite are taking all of the visible precautions seen these last few weeks. The effects on our barycenter are unpredictable. But probably *any* effects are NOT good.

It would seem advisable to prepare for earthquakes and other events of significant personal consequences over the day(s) of November 8 and 9.
A msm link to the fly by info - LA Times article about YU 55

A link to discussion about earth-moon barycenter - barycenter calcs.... note how the calcs are all about mass.
wiki it and be sure to scroll down to the animation of the two bodies orbiting a common barycenter as this is just what happens with earth and moon.
A NASA discussion with animation about the passage of YU 55 can be viewed here. If the NASA projection is accurate then the effect on the earth-moon system will be to retard the progression of the barycenter to the west. The effect should be small, but even small at a planetary system level is unpredictable in its results for humans who are also small. We can project that any earth located effects are more likely between 40 degrees north and 40 degrees south latitudes.

copyright blah blah more blah November 3, 2011 by clif high

coincidence? h/t gary - banking wars

The Rothschild family is slowly but surely having their Central banks established in every country of this world, giving them incredible amount of wealth and power.

In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank:

North Korea

It is not a coincidence that these country, which are listed above were and are still being under attack by the western media, since one of the main reasons these countries have been under attack in the first place is because they do not have a Rothschild owned Central Bank yet. The first step in having a Central Bank establish in a country is to get them to accept an outrageous loans, which puts the country in debt of the Central Bank and under the control of the Rothschilds. If the country does not accept the loan, the leader of this particular country will be assassinated and a Rothschild aligned leader will be put into the position, and if the assassination does not work, the country will be invaded and have a Central Bank established with force all under the name of terrorism.

Rothschild owned Central Bank:

Central banks are illegally created private banks that are owned by the Rothschild banking family. The family has been around for more than 230 years and has slithered its way into each country on this planet, threatened every world leader and their governments and cabinets with physical and economic death and destruction, and then emplaced their own people in these central banks to control and manage each country’s pocketbook. Worse, the Rothschilds also control the machinations of each government at the macro level, not concerning themselves with the daily vicissitudes of our individual personal lives. Except when we get too far out of line.

The only countries left in 2003 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family were:

North Korea

The Attacks of September 11th were an inside job to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to then establish a Central Bank in those countries.

The only countries left in 2011 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are:

North Korea

After the instigated protests and riots in the Arab countries the Rothschild finally paved their way into establishing Central Banks, and getting rid of many leaders, which put them into more power

Scientist Marco Kaltofen Presents Data Confirming Hot Particles

Washington, DC - October 31, 2011 – Today Scientist Marco Kaltofen of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) presented his analysis of radioactive isotopic releases from the Fukushima accidents at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA). Mr. Kaltofen’s analysis confirms the detection of hot particles in the US and the extensive airborne and ground contamination in northern Japan due to the four nuclear power plant accidents at TEPCO’s Fukushima reactors. Fairewinds believes that this is a personal health issue in Japan and a public health issue in the United States and Canada.

The People vs. Goldman Sachs - Trial and March!  [please forward widely]
The People vs. Goldman Sachs - Trial and March!
Posted Nov. 3, 2011, 12:08 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
On November 3rd, the People, the 99 percent, will hold A People’s Hearing of Goldman Sachs in Liberty Square Park and march on Goldman Sachs! The people will bring to justice perhaps the single most egregious perpetrator of economic fraud and corruption in the United States. The Hearing will include testimonials from individuals directly affected by Goldman’s fraudulent manipulation of financial markets, including victims of housing foreclosures, pension losses, public lay-offs and untenable student debt.
The proceedings will also include expert analysis from Ralph Nader, Cornel West and Chris Hedges. Following the 99-minute hearing the people will decide on a fair and deliverable verdict via our own process of consensus-based direct democracy – and we intend to deliver it ourselves – to the headquarters of Goldman Sachs at 200 West Street, eight blocks from Liberty Square. We will ask for something our judicial and legislative systems have so far failed to deliver – the return of billions of taxpayer dollars to the 99 percent and criminal sentences for those Goldman Sachs executives who carried out the fraud. The event will be broadcast live via the Occupy Wall Street Livestream, among other public media outlets.
The People’s Hearing will examine the collapse of regulations and political and economic controls that permitted Goldman Sachs to loot the U.S. Treasury. It will look at how we came to live in a country where it became impossible to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs. It will ask why Goldman Sachs was allowed to enrich itself not only at the expense of millions of small investors but through its control of the bailouts and the regulatory process. It will demand to know why Goldman Sachs, one of the prime culprits in the destruction of the global economy, is permitted to continue to bankrupt countries such as Greece, creating massive human suffering, without oversight or control. The People’s Hearing will finally give Goldman Sach’s victims a voice.
Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi described Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money." The broad outlines of Goldman Sachs’ massive fraud are well documented. It put together a collaterized debt obligation (CDO) from mortgage-backed securities that the company assumed would fail. It sold these CDOs as assets and secure investments to pension and mutual funds as well as institutions and banks while betting against them through credit default swaps (CDS). A credit default swap, or CDS, is an insurance policy where the issuer makes up a loss if an asset goes bad. Goldman Sachs, in essence, sold toxic garbage to investors and when this garbage was exposed as garbage, wiping out tens of millions of individual investors who had put away money for retirement or college, Goldman Sachs raked in money from insurers. AIG, which insured these worthless CDOs, lacked sufficient funds to pay Goldman Sachs during the financial meltdown of 2008, a meltdown that evaporated some $ 40 trillion in worldwide wealth. Goldman Sachs, with numerous former officials ensconced in the Treasury department and government, simply looted the U.S. Treasury to pay itself. And they are sitting on our money to this day.
The firm has committed numerous acts of fraud that extend beyond our shores. Goldman Sachs was instrumental in helping Greek authorities hide its mounting government budget deficit by selling swaps to the Greek government in return for future revenue streams. The Greek government was able through this arrangement to mask the loan which would have raised its budget deficit above euro zone limits. The sleights of hand now threaten to see Greece go into default and could trigger a massive banking crisis through Europe. The crisis has seen the Greek government unleash draconian austerity measures that are taken out on the backs of students, the poor and the working class. Goldman Sachs is a global criminal syndicate.
Goldman Sachs, while its victims suffer from foreclosures and bankruptcy, has set aside $ 10 billion in compensation and bonuses for its chief executives this year. These bonuses are being paid out even as Goldman Sachs dismissed 1,300 employees with another 1,000 employees expected to lose their jobs by the end of the year. No one is safe from our oligarchic elite, not even the underlings at Goldman Sachs. We invite the newly unemployed from Goldman Sachs to join us.
The median paycheck in the United States, even while these corporate heads pulled in salaries that often equate to $ 900,000 an hour, fell by 1.2 percent to $ 26,364. The number of poor and unemployed is swelling while the number of Americans making $ 1 million or more climbed to 94,000, a 20 percent increase from 2009. Corporate profits now account for 88 percent of all income growth while wages account for 1 percent. The top one percent has, through fraud and the corporate control of the judiciary and regulatory agencies, accounted for about half of all income growth since the 1970s.
How is it possible that in a democracy the bottom 99 percent sees only half of economic growth? How is it possible that the economy does not work on behalf of the 99 percent? How is it possible that financial swindlers and liars continue to run our economy and our government?
Its time to bring justice to Goldman Sachs!
Outline of Event:
09:45 Guests and Panel are seated
10:00 Introduction to A People’s Hearing, Tony and Sandra Nurse, Occupy Wall Street
10:10 Opening Statement, Dr. Cornel West
10:20 Background of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Chris Hedges
10:20 Witness Testimonials
11:00 Proposal of Verdict
12:00 A Call to Action – March to Goldman Sachs
[please forward widely]
Bob Banner, Publisher & Director
HopeDance Online & FiLMs (P.O. Box 1741, Lompoc, CA 93438)
Celebrating Transition, Opportunity, Resilience, and Genuine Happiness
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watch this

Guess which one is me...

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Solar highways

What Are Unalienable Rights?

The Right of Life

Right of Personal Security

The Right of Labor

Right to Acquire and Enjoy Property

Right to Contract

Right of Free Speech

Right of Beliefs or Conscience

Right of Personal Liberty
The classical liberal (the good kind) concept of personal liberty is as a moral principle in which an individual is free to govern himself, his life and his property without outside compulsion, force or fraud, provided that his personal governance does not intrude upon or violate the liberty of another individual.
Right to the Pursuit of Happiness
"Striving to find meaning in one's life is the primary motivational force in man."—Dr. Viktor Frankl, 1992
The Pursuit of Happiness provides the vehicle through which man can find life's meaning.
The Pursuit of Happiness would be found on Maslow's pyramid at the very top as a Self-Actualization need. But this Right encapsulates all the other Rights and cannot be accomplished until the other Unalienable Rights are in place and utilized. Your pursuit of happiness would be short-circuited if you do not enjoy the Rights to Life, Labor, Property, Contract, Belief and Liberty.
To understand how this phrase "the pursuit of happiness" found its way into the Declaration of Independence, you must know some background about Thomas Jefferson. He was strongly influenced by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, even referring to himself as an Epicurean. The teacher's philosophy was simple: if you cultivated close friendships, limited your desires to the essential necessities of life, and rejoiced in the moment, happiness was yours to keep. Everything in moderation.
Think about a Being that creates humans, then endows them with Unalienable Rights simply because they are human, and the pinnacle of their Rights being the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness! Not its attainment, but the pursuit. The Creator is no cosmic Joker, playing a cynical game by creating a desire in the breast of each human being for happiness, but having no available tools to meet the desire. We are endowed with the desire, the ability and the Unalienable Rights necessary to live a life of purpose and meaning, and to pass on those purposes and those meanings to subsequent generations, all seeking the same outcomes.

Share this article with those you love. Then discuss it. Teach your children these lessons so they understand how the Creator meant for them to live. Understanding your Unalienable Rights will give you a reason to live, a gratefulness to your Creator, and true self-esteem based in reality.

ice age ... NOW?

Old snow stays in Rockies, adds to glaciers' size

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Scientists who monitor the effects of global warming are watching glaciers shrink all over the world, but this year could be an exception in parts of the Rocky Mountains.
Snow is already piling up in the high country, but not all of the unusually deep snow from last winter has melted. As a result, some glaciers and snowfields are actually gaining volume this year....

Blizzard expected in Colorado today

Total accumulations of 5 to 10 inches possible. Travel likely impossible across the plains later tonight.


BRITAIN faces a sudden shivering end to the exceptionally warm late autumn with temperatures plunging towards Siberian levels.
Winter weather will arrive with a vengeance with temperatures well below zero within the next fortnight.
Experts then predict a bitterly cold December with thermometers falling at least as low as -15C (5F).
Snow could hit the country even earlier than last year when a big freeze at the end of November sent temperatures to -20C (-4F), crippling transport. And some forecast...

The Banker

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gerald Celente at Liberty Plaza 25 Oct 2011

Listen to Clif High's latest (wow) interview...amazing stuff listen now!

Things in Greece seem "tense"..?

Near Earth Object YU55/ Nov.8th close Approach.

Fukushima Cesium in US Soil

Ice Age News?

Japanese urged to wrap up warm and eat soup to save energy 

The government has launched a nationwide "Warm Biz" campaign, calling on the public to resist the temptation to turn the heating up as temperatures fall.
The indications are that this winter may be a particularly cold one in Japan, with the season's first snowfall in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido recorded on October 2, some 20 days earlier than usual and the earliest since 1898.


November 9th Communications Shutdown: A System Reboot Needed to Activate New Code?

My take on the communications shutdown:
In what is obviously a muscle flexing exercise meant to show the public just how much power and control the federal government really has, all communications will be cut off for an estimated three minutes on November 9th, 2011.
Claiming this is a test of the emergency response system, the terror alert system, and any other excuse they can come up with, Fema (that would be the same FEMA in charge of those camps they deny exist) will conduct a complete communications shutdown: all TV, radio, internet, and phone systems will be disabled simultaneously. This will be at 1:00 CST.
I am trying to figure out what kind of national emergency would require cutting all communications, broadcasts and internet use?  Maybe an emergency in which the government itself feels threatened by …….the people?
If this were a test to make sure the system was intact in the event of an emergency I could understand it.  But that isn’t what this is.
This is a test meant to ensure that the apparatus is in place and operational in the event the government wants to prevent communication between citizens: this is a test to make sure they CAN shut it all down if they choose to.
Think Egypt here.  As the protest crowds grew in Egypt, what did the government do? They shut down all cell phones and internet access in an effort to halt communications. It didn’t stop anything, the crowds still grew, but the idea behind this action was clear.
I believe what is actually behind this might be the downloading of some kind of code needed to make the shut-down apparatus work efficiently.  Think about your cable system if you have one or even an upgrade to many computer full article

original source:The PPJ Gazette

Jon Stewart's 19 Tough Questions for Libertarians!