Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freakish weird green circles on Google Earth Last Night!

These are MY screen shots I TOOK last night - I was looking up a route and had the radar box checked and LOOK AT THIS!!  What is this?  I feel like Dutchsinse!!!  Are these HAARP rings?

I first noticed it

zoomed out to show scale - it's right by New Madrid!!!

zoomed in again to get a close up

checked back and it was gone!!

UPDATE: I sent this to George Ure (at http://www.urbansurvival.com) and he made some postulations...

A readette with a blog of her own, sent us (Clif & me) a curious email about odd happenings with her Google Earth program:
"I'm a little paranoid about the New Madrid fault zone (gee wonder why), so I have it marked on my Google maps. 

I was on Google maps last night planning a trip...and I happened to have the weather function with radar enabled.  Here is what I saw - and captured with screen shots, which have the time and date included - it's on my blog - here is the link:

I've attached the screen shot pictures.

I would appreciate any input you might have...it's right over New Madrid, as you can see in the second picture.  "
Radar rings on some of the national weather servers is one thing, but on Google Earth?  Reason this is so interesting is that I thought Google Earth was interlaced fixed images... so may I have a big "Hmmm...." please?
I have heard lots of speculation that the University of Alaska's High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP) might have something to do with such radar rings.  And true, as far as we've ever been able to learn, HAARP does not publish power levels, takeoff elevation, or azimuth (compass headings) not waveforms of its transmissions.  I'll leave it to your imagination to guess why.
On the other hand, what HAARP does have available is a first-class online magnetometer monitor which seems not only to pick up their radio experiments but may also indicate things like magnetic influences coming in from space.
Still, if you look at the HAARP magnetometer readers, you'll find that shortly after midnight (zulu time/UTC, which would be about 8 PM EDT, we see some very, very large excursions in the HAARP readings.
There are a couple of things that could be going on - everything from simple receiver issues to complex conspiracy theories.
On the simple side of things, HAARP uses complex modulation wave forms (why we don't know) and it's possible that either reflected energy off the ionosphere is coming down to earth and coincidentally synching up with what weather radars are looking for in the way of a pulse echo-return is possible
This modulation waveform question is most intriguing if you ever studied the purported goings on at Montauk, New York.  Story goes that by using a complex series of modulations of microwave energy, time travel, and other reality-bending events could be accomplished.
Which wouldn't hold any water with me, except back in the 1990's when I was doing serious research into such things, the Montauk case was brought to my attention by a first class RF engineer who I had occasion to be working with on a high frequency radio project.  He was working for a government think-tank at the time and sent me a video "interview" with one of the persons who claimed to be involved and....well, let's just say things got interesting.
Just to push you down that path a bit, I assume you've followed from Clif's various discussions that "reality" is sort of like a wave from which we're all surfing down together.  And the way the materium works seems to be these wave-front "stuffs" we ride (reality) have to do with the kalapas which pop into existence at a rate of several trillion times per second.
Well, you see where this leads, right?  IF the highest frequency that can be achieved by humans is, oh, maybe 50-gigahertz at the time, how would one get up to the even higher frequencies, up in the terahertz range?  Answer?  FM modulation!
We remember from  basic electronics that AM - amplitude modulation - has a severe limitation in that as the modulated frequency gets higher, the bandwidth of the transmitted signal gets fat.  Which is why you don't hear sparkling cymbals and high hat hits by the drummer - or warm overtones of a high violin piece on AM radio.
On FM, however, the modulation index sets up bandwidth and so (at least in theory) a 50 GHz carrier modulated at 50 GHz ought to give you a product at 100 GHz...and up you go from there.
First thing you know, you're up in Terahertz country which is where the new "see through walls" (and clothing - woo-hoo!) penetrating "radars" happen.  You can see why I found the Montauk interview so interesting from an RF engineering standpoint.
One can draw lots of inferences from looking at the HAARP data prior to big quakes, like the 9+ in Japan.  Here, I continue to be struck by the odd series of four distinct excursions in the data beginning late on March 2 and continuing till late March 4th.  Coincidence? 
Seems so.  I've sliced the data lots of ways and HAARP excursions don't seem much correlated to anything except large-scale geomagnetic storms.  Like this one which came out overnight:
 "A geomagnetic storm started on October 24 around 20h UT and is still ongoing. It reached major storm levels from 1h to 4h UT on October 25, and even one hour of severe storm around 2h UT. Minor storm levels have prevailed from 5h UT till now."
Sure would be cool to find a "smoking gun" pointing at some earthly source for this stuff and yes, the Turkey quake is interesting as a data point, but there didn't seem to be any HAARP correlation on this one.
Could arriving gamma ray bursts cause radar rings?  Maybe, although seems like a low probability. 
My leading candidate so far is that they're Moiré patterns caused by  different screen painting rates... a kind of digital noise.  But if you've got a pet theory which is more "out there" and which will hold up to serious review, bring it on. 
We've got some very competent science types that read this site and I'm sure a discussion would be interesting.  You did see where people as far south as Kansas City saw the Northern Lights last night...it was such a big geophysical disturbance.
Thanks George!


  1. It's layers of clouds, intersecting the radar beams. The beams go in a straight line while the earth curves away under them, so a wide area of thin cloud layers will look like rings. It is unusual, but not abnormal.

  2. Interesting pattern but I suspect the Hopkinsville, KY doppler radar was not working and that is why the pattern. The center of the pattern in your screenshots seems to look like Hopkinsville, KY. Is that correct?

  3. These rings were appearing 10+ years ago. Go to
    http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/indexback265.html, and search out the articles on radar rings. Good luck

  4. i have read Metatron say that those green fog is an emanation of the Emerald Crystal that awakened
    sometime this year. it possible that it is healing the fracture in that new madrid area.
    just a thought.


  5. Well, I guess we can look for severe weather, up to and including tornadoes near the epicenter for the next 24-60 hours? There were tornadoes around this area a few weeks ago after a similar set of rings appeared in pretty much the same area. I actually took a screen cap and sent it over to my local NOAA folks and actually got a return email. The guy said he wasn't sure what it was. I live in Nashville so I will be watching for some nasty weather the next couple days. Linked here from George Ure, btw. Thanks. David from Nashville

  6. Whatever they are M, it's not normal & they are focused on the New Madrid Fault line. Something to keep an eye on.


  7. I hope it's a Pleiadian mothership! :)

  8. I don't know much about HAARP, but why would its radar rings be visible on Google Earth? If there is something sinister at play here, I suspect it's more likely someone marking an important zone and forgetting to remove the marker.

    Then the question would be why they are marking it. Does the distance between rings match Earthquake destruction zone distances?

  9. aren't they doing TSA road blocks and checks in Tennessee also? funny the possible correlations??

  10. I used to see lots of these on Kent's Cyberspace site... Iforget the name of the radar wizard ( he died a few years ago) but he was really good at catching so many of these anamolies. Great catch AC!

  11. Wambli here, I can't figure out how to post anything with my name... the choices below for comment as are too confusing to me. I dont know which one I fit into...

  12. Hi Astro/c, nice work, did you tell Dutch????

  13. Check out dutchsinse's Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse#g/u He's been covering this subject before the Joplin tornado, which he was able to warn people about 48 hrs in advance, watching the radar rings and squares. He does a great job of explaining these things even digging up the schematics, of these weather modification devices.

  14. Dutchsinse on youtube covers this

  15. Dutchsinse on U2'b

  16. Happening again? if you are on Google Earth w/ radar take a look at NW alaska... there's that HUGH ring again! Here it's 3:00pm PDT 8-28-2012, i am saying this because this is almost a year later. Hmmmmm Thanks for all your imput, was trying to find an answer to "alaska google earth radar ring" Yer #2 on the hit-list :D